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Amazing Feedback

At Applegate Insurance Agency, we exceed expectations.

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A culture of doing the right things.

Anyone can promise great service, but not everyone can deliver it. At Applegate Insurance Agency, we’ve built a culture around doing the right things. But don’t just take our word for it. Read these client testimonials to see exactly what we mean.

Good service and phenomenal agent!

Ronald W.Customer since 2019

great service great price

Tim E.Customer since 2023

I haven't had a claim but the cost and coverage is perfect for someone like me who is a senior citizen and on a fixed income. Thanks

Sandra T.Customer since 2016

The price for full coverage paired with My renters is literally unbeatable. And my agent is the best and most helpful. Anytime I ever needed a date change he made it happen so my account wouldn't be negative.

Ashley G.Customer since 2022

I would and have highly recommended Applegate and especially Jeffery we got rear end two weeks ago out of town by an uninsured motorist and our uninsured pick up and has been phenomenal, had Jeffrey not explained coverages and off that too us we would be in a world that's difficult to navigate.

Robert S.Customer since 2023

Extremely communicative, response within an hour, extremely helpful!

Steffany P.Customer since 2017

Competitive rates and helpful agents like Jeffery Sullivan!

Anupam C.Customer since 2021

Mr. Sullivan is always great to work with and is always knowledgeable when I have questions.

Dottie B.Customer since 2017

LeNoir F.Customer since 2016

Shelia M.Customer since 2021

Wise P.Customer since 2014

Tina M.Customer since 2023

The service is awesome and everyone is very nice and easy to deal with.

Joey H.Customer since 2017

Mickie S.Customer since 2018

I'm very happy with Applegate Insurance.

Sharon W.Customer since 2022

My agent (Jeffrey Sullivan) is always available and responsive!

Suzanne M.Customer since 2019

Great service and prices

Steve A.Customer since 2016

Timothy S.Customer since 2021

Amy C.Customer since 2014

Your always there to help me

Rudy R.Customer since 2015

I’ve had 2 vehicles run into my car over the last two years & you guys always take care of me in a very personal manner. It’s like getting help from a family member! Thank you! 🥰

Marcella L.Customer since 2016

Aaron L.Customer since 2019

Applegate is very helpful in getting our insurance at a cheap rate and always answers our questions!

Kristen S.Customer since 2019

They’re always available when o need to get ahold of them. I love their quick responses.

Bethany W.Customer since 2022

Jeffery found the coverage we we're looking for at a better deal than we originally had. There is no doubt he will continue to help us with any insurance needs we will encounter.

Jeffery K.Customer since 2023

Because you’re great at what you do and how you take care of your customers

Rhonda M.Customer since 2023

nothing in particular just have always had good dealings with them

Richard S.Customer since 2014

Darryl K.Customer since 2020

Cherry M.Customer since 2021

Very helpful agent. Always rapid response.

Stacey A.Customer since 2020

I have great customer service and a great agent I love the experience I have received being a customer for 4 years.

Jeremy G.Customer since 2020

Jonathon W.Customer since 2016

Great customer service!

David R.Customer since 2018

You guys are awesome ! Used you guys for years and have always gave me the best prices in my state.

Vicente R.Customer since 2018

You are doing great! Keep up the good work.

John D.Customer since 2023

George J.Customer since 2020

Robbin M.Customer since 0001

We always receive prompt and courteous service and they go above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of. I have referred several friends and family.

Whaley P.Customer since 2016

Great customer service and support

Clifton S.Customer since 2019

Jeffrey knows the insurance business. He was a delight to work with and took excellent care of my insurance needs and saved me a ton of money while setting me up with an excellent insurance company. All taken care of in one phone call. I have recommended your agency to others.

Rhonda G.Customer since 2023

Mead D.Customer since 2015

Jeffery is an excellent agent and take care of all my needs!!

Vang L.Customer since 2015

I have always gotten great and quick service from Jeffrey Sullivan at Applegate ! You come to appreciate service like that !

Jeff L.Customer since 2018

Mary B.Customer since 2023

Jeffrey has been more than helpful with everything we have asked about and asked for. He is quick and efficient.

David S.Customer since 2023

Appears to be a great company with good coverage and rates. However I have never had to file a claim that’s why 9 instead of 10, but yes I would recommend Erie.

Ronnie W.Customer since 2022

Great personal service. Did refer a friend

Barbara H.Customer since 2020

Glenn Y.Customer since 2021

Kay A.Customer since 2018

Anytime time I have a question Mr. Sullivan always calls back, is very knowledgeable about what I’m asking and a nice person to talk to.

Jerry H.Customer since 2021

Price and quality

Jerry S.Customer since 2021

Ashlyn C.Customer since 2022

Prompt and responsive service, excellent communication from agent. Competitive insurance premiums.

Rajeshri V.Customer since 2020

Quick replies and amazing hospitality

William T.Customer since 2020

Jeffrey is the man.. actually communicates, and he does his job properly…and I have recommended multiple people ..hopefully they have followed up

Christopher T.Customer since 2019

Karen D.Customer since 2022

Because they call back and answer all our questions.

Ron L.Customer since 2018

Dwight C.Customer since 2018

Susan L.Customer since 2015

Kenyon C.Customer since 2019

I have a great insurance rep!

Lauren S.Customer since 2019

Great service

Brian D.Customer since 2017

Great service, and answered all questions that you have!

Justin M.Customer since 2018

Mr. Sullivan was very quick to handle my insurance needs, also very knowledgeable about the insurance coverage I needed both for home & auto. He hit the major marks for customer service, returned calls, answered questions & gets it done.

Harry D.Customer since 2023

The very best and most efficient yet down to earth and personal attention Smart and friendly!

Loretta J.Customer since 2014

William D.Customer since 2020

Always responsive and helps us keep up with our needs!

Tina R.Customer since 2014

Susan D.Customer since 2010

Any time I've had a question, he was quick to answer.

Charles D.Customer since 2021

Walter C.Customer since 2019

Amber L.Customer since 2022

Jeffrey has been outstanding and the primary reason I do not shop around!

Jack M.Customer since 2014

Rates and customer service

Charlynn O.Customer since 2020

Couldn't be any better

Robert W.Customer since 2020

Already recommended you

Larry Y.Customer since 2014

Mark C.Customer since 2022


Jazmin R.Customer since 2021

In this day of press 1 for english ,being on endless hold waiting for a customer service rep, etc. it is nice to speak to a real live person who quickly answers questions and makes policy changes.

James H.Customer since 2023

Jeffrey is very helpful. I saved a lot when I switched. I have recommended him to several friends who saved as well.

Amy R.Customer since 2021

I am more than happy with Jeffery, he is always quick to respond and helps us chose the best policies for all our coverages. We've changed and added several vehicles recently, kept him on his toes but he never faltered!

Deborah W.Customer since 2014

My agent always calls me back and helps with anything I might need.

Ventrice H.Customer since 2017

Eve W.Customer since 2014

Jeffrey is so easy to talk to and I feel like I can share personal information with him. Wouldn’t trade any other insurance that Erie. Thank you for being so helpful to me!

Sharon M.Customer since 2019

I feel like I can be very personal with Jeffrey and he’s a pleasure to talk to

Sharon M.Customer since 2019

My agent Jeff is also so fast and very convenient

Nicole L.Customer since 2018

Kristen K.Customer since 2022

For good coverage, including home coverage that keeps up with inflation. I hope that's true because it would be an honest business dealing without us having to worry about keeping up enough coverage for our home. Plus, he's a nice personable guy!

Ronald H.Customer since 2023

It is a joy to work with Jeffery. Kind, caring, quick, and easy.

Shreve M.Customer since 2016

Jeff is the best

Mark K.Customer since 2014

Lydia S.Customer since 2014

Doreen L.Customer since 2022

you do good work so i would recommend you.

Jason P.Customer since 2016

Jeffrey has been my insurance agent for years, and I must say, he truly stands out as a remarkable professional in his field. From the very beginning, I could tell that I was in capable hands, and my experience with him was nothing short of exceptional. One of the first things that impressed me about Jeffrey was his extensive knowledge of the insurance industry. He took the time to explain the different policies and coverage options available, ensuring that I had a thorough understanding of what I was purchasing. His ability to simplify complex insurance jargon made the entire process smooth and straightforward. Moreover, Jeffrey's attention to detail was truly commendable. He listened carefully to my specific needs and concerns, and then tailored an insurance plan that perfectly fit my requirements. He didn't try to upsell or push unnecessary add-ons; instead, he focused on finding the best possible coverage at the most affordable rates. Throughout the process, Jeffrey demonstrated excellent communication skills. He promptly answered all my questions and was always available when I needed assistance. Whether through emails, phone calls, or in-person meetings, he made sure that I felt supported and valued as a client. What sets Jeffrey apart from other insurance agents I've dealt with in the past is his genuine concern for his clients' well-being. He showed a deep commitment to ensuring that I was adequately protected and that I understood the importance of each aspect of my policy. This level of dedication and personal touch made a significant difference in my overall experience.

Daniel M.Customer since 2011

Thomas A.Customer since 2016

Jeffrey Sullivan was always available to answer our questions and always got back to us right away. We appreciate his hard work and he works with really good insurance companies.

Joseph S.Customer since 2019

Jeffrey has been my insurance agent for a very long time, I trust him completely. He's helped me when I was in a jam and didn't know where to turn. He found me something within my budget, every time without fail. It's the longest relationship (professional 100%)I've had with a human and I have no regrets. Thank you for everything!

Julia D.Customer since 2016

Great rates and customer service.

Shaun J.Customer since 2016

Always there if you have questions! And, always call you back!

Betty H.Customer since 2021

I've never had a bad experience. Customer service has always been top notch. Very pleased with the services provided.

Justin H.Customer since 2018

Rafael M.Customer since 2021

Alway looks for the best rates for their clients, Exceptionally professional and knowledgeable about the services provided. Outstanding customer service and support.

Walter B.Customer since 2014

Jeffrey Sullivan is a great agent.always there to answer my questions and help me anyway he can.

Angelica J.Customer since 2023

Quick and easy to get a great quote.

Christopher R.Customer since 2023

The company is great to work this and very knowledgeable! The company stands by its integrity and doing what's right for the clients.

Terence M.Customer since 2022

John W.Customer since 2023

Excellent customer service

Miata M.Customer since 2022

Brandon P.Customer since 2019

Good people

Jim T.Customer since 2022

Great people work here!

Elizabeth J.Customer since 2022

Jeffrey worked hard with us to get our total umbrella policies back to a reasonable price after a big jump in premiums.

Drucilla V.Customer since 2020

Excellent service! Very personable.

Justin C.Customer since 2022

I’m always treated with respect. If I have an issue Jeffrey Sullivan answers every question. I feel like I’m a person and not a number.

Ashby L.Customer since 2015

My wife was involved in a hit and run on I-40. Jeffrey Sullivan actually answered the phone! No joke. An actual human being answered the phone. Everyone is fine including the dogs. I can’t recommend this company enough. 10/10

Jason C.Customer since 2021

Had an incident with my car, called my agent, Jeffrey Sullivan. Took care of front and center, no hassle, very professional, very grateful.

Orlando F.Customer since 2022

You provide great service!

David O.Customer since 2017

Jeff Sullivan is the BEST!!!

Tracy R.Customer since 2019

I refer everyone who asks about insurance to Jeffrey at Applegate. Super helpful and priced very reasonable!

Christopher M.Customer since 2018

Jeffery Sullivan is an excellent agent!

Ryan G.Customer since 2022

Amber R.Customer since 2022

Prompt returns calls. Good prices on insurance. Friendly service!!

Denis N.Customer since 2019

When I researched 6 companies for coverage and price a few years back Applegate was the best for me. I then recommended Applegate to 2 sisters and a niece and they all switched their coverage as well. In addition to coverage and price their service and availability to answer any questions is perfect.

Sandra T.Customer since 2016

Mr. Sullivan has been very attentive to my insurance needs, especially in this era of impersonal and unprofessional consumer interactions, it is a refreshing difference.

Jefferson B.Customer since 2020

Oksana K.Customer since 2019

Steve P.Customer since 2014

I have been a member of Applegate for many years and my agent is so caring, helpful & quick to respond. Any accident I've been a victim of, they have made sure the process was quick & stressfree.

Tiffany J.Customer since 2017

Very responsive and always there to answer any questions

Steffany P.Customer since 2017

Very helpful

Bruce H.Customer since 2023

Derrick S.Customer since 2014

Tina J.Customer since 2019

My agent has been excellent to work with and Applegate offers great value.

Ron A.Customer since 2022

Jeff is great to work with, very knowledgeable and quick!

Herbert W.Customer since 2014

Wise P.Customer since 2014

Lynn K.Customer since 2019

great service, great rates, great agent, jeff sullivan

Dennis C.Customer since 2010

Our agent Jeffery is always quick to respond and helps answer all of our home and auto insurance questions.

Kristen S.Customer since 2019

My agent, Jeffery Sullivan, goes the extra mile for me when I need insurance coverage for my home, business and vehicles. He is AWESOME!

Eric H.Customer since 2021

Margot W.Customer since 2020

Great work! Personable and available

Chad J.Customer since 2016

The personalized customer service is, by far, the best I’ve ever dealt with. I wouldn’t even think about moving to another insurance company.

Jonathon W.Customer since 2016

Wanda M.Customer since 0001

Very good service from Jeffrey Sullivan.

Richard J.Customer since 2016

Very good service from Jeffery Sullivan.

Richard J.Customer since 2016

I really appreciate the team at Applegate . They are very courteous and professional . When my daughter had an accident they were contacting me , letting me know how the process was going to work and handling my claim quickly . Thanks for the help!!!

Jeff L.Customer since 2018

Tonji K.Customer since 2021

So my friends can save money

Clifton S.Customer since 2019

Friendly, knowledgeable, prompt and professional. Being an independent agency I was presented the best options based on our needs. A real No pressure sales experience which felt more like matching product to my needs rather than just making a sale. I chose the highest rated and most extensive coverage and Applegate offered the best pricing and service. I looked at 2 Independent Agencies and 4 National Insurance Chain Agencies and I chose Applegate. I would highly recommend Mr Jeff Sullivan.

Mark C.Customer since 2023

Because Jeffery Sullivan communicates very very well

Justin W.Customer since 2021

Jeff Sullivan is exceptional. There for you when in need. Always friendly. Always knowledgeable.

Robbin M.Customer since 0001

Applegate has saved me money. And my representative has been very attentive from the start! They also send very useful information to their clients.

Katika K.Customer since 2022

My agent is very efficient & always on top of anything I need to know! I have recently referred someone to Erie !

Diane D.Customer since 0001

Jay S.Customer since 2022

Jeff is always there when we need him for any questions and when we trade vehicles, it's a very easy process to transfer. I have recommended them to all my family and friends. They care about their customers.

Whaley P.Customer since 2016

None at this time.

Richard H.Customer since 2015

Jeffrey works hard for your business.

Laurence N.Customer since 2022

Clanice C.Customer since 2018

Had no problem with company, never had a claim.

Ronnie W.Customer since 2022

Because you listen and helped me get my family's needs met and spending under control. Thank uou!

Rena C.Customer since 2021

Barbara H.Customer since 2020

The people that work for Applegate are always amazing and they go the extra mile. Jeffrey Sullivan is one of the best if not the best. He really deserves a large bonus or raise.

Sean C.Customer since 2020

Glenn Y.Customer since 2021
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